Levy Masuku from the Selbourne Park Christian Church was invited to be one of the speakers at the Durban Church CTMI Leaders Meeting held on 20th February 2014. There was a wonderful response from the 41 Church Leaders, 13 of whom were attending for the first time.

Brother Solly, one of the visiting Leaders, spoke of the upcoming Chatsworth Conference where Miki and Audrey would be sharing, from 10-13 April and invited all leaders to come together.

Levy shared his testimony of how the Lord had changed him – he used to say- “if only the white people could change, things would be so much different and more alive.” Then God did a miracle and exposed his heart and attitude. When repentance came it was as if he was born again – again. He said “we cannot manufacture the life of Christ, only the Lord can do the miracle where dry bones can have life again.”

He encouraged the Leaders to understand that something must happen in them before change can take place in the lives of their people.

He read from Haggai 1:1-11 and pointed out that there was too much focus on leaders rather than on God, which was why the Lord said, ‘he blew everything away because His house was in ruins.’  He emphasized that it was not the devil taking away the seed, but the Lord.

He stresses that the first place the gospel must work is in our homes with our wives and children, and touched on the importance of working in a team. There was not a church for the rich and a church for the poor, but one church for all! There is no reconciliation outside of the cross of Christ!

He ended by saying “Our titles, means nothing – only the heart and the life of Christ.”

The message was shared with clarity and humility, and hearts were open and tender to the Lord.

Wonderful contacts were made and the Pastors enjoy some tea and snacks prepared by the team.