About Us

Selborne Park Christian Church was first started in 1982 and was known as Bulawayo Christian Centre. A warehouse within the CBD was renovated and in February 1982 meetings were started. The location of the Church proved to be a great benefit to people of all races as it was easily accessible from all points in town and the congregation quickly grew to around 600 people. A year later the Pastor accepted the call to pastor a church in the USA and Richard Langworthy, along with a team of Elders, assumed responsibility for the Church. Over the next few years the church continued to grow numerically and a Bible School, Christian newspaper and vibrant youth ministry were added to the church along with a strong outreach programme to the rural community. The Leadership however, found itself often divided over internal issues of administration and governance. This led to the leadership fragmenting in 1988.

In 1989, while attending a Leadership Conference in Durban,Richard Langworthy heard  Miki Hardy speaking on the Restoration of Apostolic Ministry to the Church. A friendship was started which opened the  door for Miki Hardy to take an Apostolic role within the Church shortly after. Miki Hardy brought to the Church the clear message of the Cross and the Grace of the Lord.

This message quickly confronted the pride and independence within the hearts of the leadership which resulted in many relationships being healed and restored and a team of elders being formed in which men were now free to serve the Lord together with the same heart and spirit, giving their lives for one another.
This message radically changed the face of the church which in the space of a few months changed from being a large congregation with many different departments and racial divisions to a family of Christians from all walks of life.
In 1993 the congregation moved from town to its own premises in Selborne Park and the name of the church was also changed to that of Selborne Park Christian Church.

The church has continued in its relationship with Miki Hardy and the foundational truth of Christ and our identification with His death and resurrection that he has continued to preach since that time. Today we are a part of a fellowship of churches, known as Church Team Ministries International, that stretch right across Africa and is now reaching out to the other continents as well.